Save Now

CSA Space
Vancouver, BC

Curated by Steve Tong

In these turbulent economic times the word "Save" is ever-present. My work has always addressed this concept through archiving and stacking, but Save Now, a recent exhibition at CSA Gallery deals directly with the global economic collapse. There are three pieces in the show that deals with the economizing of space while converging ideas and archiving the potentially extinct: Bag Holder, functions as both a plastic bag holder plus a reference to the seminal art movement, Minimalism. Carpet Bench, is made of wall to wall carpet, a middle class symbol of success and despair, it is stacked to create a one word slogan, "Save", opposing its nature as an over consumed North American product. Finally three Spikes, reference a common item found in stationary stores used for organizing receipts, it archives and stacks but also turns function into sculpture and sculpture into function.