Group + Collaboration

The Manner In Which Seeing Takes Place


Part of a group exhibition, Living It
Centre A, Vancouver

Curated by Sally Lee

This piece is a reconfiguration of existing work. Combined artwork and personal belongings are presented in the exhibition. No current work has been made for this piece; through the process of renegotiation everything is new. Sediment and sentiment shape the installation. A particular mode of display commodifies it. Entropy dissolves it. This installation is an insular representation of aesthetics: aesthetics of art, aesthetics of work, and aesthetics of home. A space of interaction is created using these three components. A dialogue of objects and histories result in an intimate personal investigations and art processes alike. Every piece and scrap is taken from the artists apartment. It is the place of display that has changed. A form of life creates a form of art, (Bourriaud) a form of art creates a form of life.